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We are revolutionizing the gig marketplace industry. The industry standard is to charge 20%commission fees from talent and 5% commission fees from hiring organizations. It’s been this way for a long time. Socious is changing this because we believe that impact organizations’ limited resources should be used to grow their impact and pay a fair salary to their members. For impact organizations, we are only charging 5% commission fees for talent and 2% for hiring organizations. For instance, when an impact organization hires a talent to design a logo for $100, the organization pays $102 to Socious first, and once the work is completed, the talent receives $95. The 7% commission fee will allow us to continuously improve the platform.

It's free to signup on Socious, view and apply to jobs, or for organizations, post jobs. We only charge when organizations pay the talent for their work. We are able to maintain the most competitive fees in the market through automation and decentralization. Our machine-learning-based recommender engine reduces the need for human involvement in matching talent with organizations. Through our blockchain technology, not only do we eliminate third-party (e.g. credit card company) involvement in transactions but we also delegate verification, content moderation, and dispute resolution to impact experts who are incentivized with tokens.

Socious - Impact Organizations Socious - Regular Organization Competitor A
Fees for Organizations 2% 3% 5%
Fees for Talent 5% 10% 20%

NB: additional transaction fees may be charged by payment providers: for Crypto payment, Milkomeda charges a small amount (usually less than 10 cents) and for Fiat payment, our partner Stripe charges 3.6%.

Contracts managed outside of Socious

At Socious, we seek to create a safe, reliable place for impact organizations and impact talent to make connections, grow their businesses, and collaborate on projects. Our network stretches across over 100 countries, and our marketplace offers a wide range of services, from Software Development to Product Design.

Sometimes, organizations and talent who have met through Socious wish to work together directly outside of Socious; for example, for full-time positions. We provide the option to do this with a one-time payment of the Direct Engagement Fee.

The Direct Engagement Fee is 10% of a talent’s estimated annual earnings.

Direct Engagement Fee = 10% of their hourly rate x 2,080 hours (52 wks x 40 hrs)

Because we care about our impact and value, we offer a 100% rebate if the hired person leaves within a three-month probationary period.

Premium plans for organizations

Free Professional Growth
Free with no strings attached $99/mo. Commit annually to save 10%. $1999/mo. Commit annually to save 10%.
✓ Free posting: Free to post as many impact projects as you want

✓ Free applicant tracking system: save thousands of dollars by using our free, easy-to-use ATS.
Everything in the free tier +

✓ Receive AI vetted candidates weekly: Our algorithm custom-matches candidates with relevant skills who are passionate about your mission and ready to engage. Our in-house team of recruiting experts reviews every candidate before featuring them to you.

✓ Promote up to 5 jobs per month: Your job is eligible to appear at the top of search results with a “Promoted” tag when impact talent search for projects like yours. Your job will be included in our bi-weekly newsletter and our social media channels including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

✓ Advanced analytics and financial reports

✓ 40% reduction on success fees for one job per month
Everything in the professional tier +

✓ Dedicated recruiting expert assigned to your project who will work hard so that you don’t need to work hard (up to 20h/w)

✓ Manage inbound applications on and off Socious as well as external recruiters on your behalf

✓ Employer branding: editing your career page and posting on your social media channels (3 posts per week): our designers and copywriters will follow your branding guidelines

✓ No success fee for one job per month

NB: The aforementioned fees are for payment via cryptocurrencies. For fiat currency payment via credit card will incur an additional 3.6% for credit card processing fees by Stripe.

Premium plans for individuals

$12 per month to access all AI related features.