Our mission

Give everyone the chance to make a difference

A photo of some Socious team members
After a decade of experience in the impact sector, our founder Seira Yun experienced first hand the talent shortage issue that's stopping many organizations from providing the impact they should.

The paradox is that 94% of young people declare wanting to use their skills for good, but only 10% are able to do so.

We created Socious to change this.
Socious is helping impact organizations find the talent necessary to grow their impact, while allowing more professionals to have work experiences that are meaningful to them, beneficial for the world, and financially attractive.

We made the choice to base Socious on a blockchain to provide a safe, low-cost, and community-owned platform, with the aim to gradually decentralize towards a DAO.
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Our team

Meet our team

Socious is powered by a network of changemakers, passionate about contributing to social and environmental impact.
Portrait of Seira Yun
Seira Yun
Founder & CEO
Serial social entrepreneur and full-stack developer with years of experience in the impact sector
Photo of Angelica Dietzel
Angelica Dietzel
VP of Impact Talent
Passionate about helping social impact startups scale their teams, accelerating climate solutions, and getting more talent into climate
Portrait of Michel Douangprachanh
Michel Douangprachanh
Lead Designer
Experienced product and service designer, passionate about helping people by creating sustainable and inclusive solutions
Portrait of Madi Lommen
Madi Lommen
Head of Learning
A venture architect engineering interdisciplinary connections across data, people and geography
Portrait of Ehsan Mahmoudi
Ehsan Mahmoudi
Lead Developer
Software developer with more than 10 years of experience at global tech companies
Portrait of Azin Zare
Azin Zare
QA Engineer
Dedicated Software engineer with more than 9 years' experience in Software Quality Assurance and Analysis
Portrait of Marjan Arami
Marjan Arami
Senior Frontend Engineer
Experienced frontend developer with a strong focus on creating user-friendly and visually appealing apps
Photo of Juana Attieh
Juana Attieh
Business Development Ambassador
Re-imagining societies, economies and human sovereignty
Photo of Razali Sam
Razali Sam
Business Development Ambassador
Co-Author of Recalibrating Value, Identity and Impact Through the Blockchain Cardano Impact Report 2023
Photo of Cole Bartlett
Cole Bartlett
Business Development Ambassador
Passionate about helping create a sustainable and equitable world for all
Photo of Abigail Stack
Abigail Stack
Business Development Ambassador
Connecting People with their Passion 🤩 | Sales Expert 💫 | Remote Work Advocate 👩💻 | Social Justice Activist
Photo of Renee Odle
Renee Odle
Business Development Ambassador
Digital Marketer and Social enterprise enthusiast
Our advisors

Meet our advisors

Portrait of Alex Zapesochny
Alex Zapesochny
CEO at Clerio Vision
Serial Entrepreneur in Health Tech. Licensed Attorney
Portrait of Chiara Lepora
Chiara Lepora
Head of the Manson Unit at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Emergency Medicine Expert; MSF & Red Cross Doctor; Global Health Educator; Co-author "On Complicity & Compromise"
Portrait of Raphael Hode
Raphael Hodé
Strategic Designer
Strategic Designer with a passion for social innovation and sustainability
Portrait of Sweta Govani
Sweta Govani
Founder of #DoingGoodWell / Angel Investor & Advisor
Marketing expert who specializes in helping purpose-driven tech startups with growth strategies.
Portrait of Parameshwar Mani
Parameshwar Mani
CEO at Mani & Co. / Managing Partner at ManiKapital
Sustainability venture capitalist and a clean energy financier in his 20+ years in finance
Portrait of Hassan Archer
Hassan Archer
CEO at Hassan Archer Consulting LLC
Empathetic Tech Leader | Blending Software Engineering & Behavioral Psychology for Rapid Product Launch | Experience with Fortune 100 & Startups
Portrait of Arsalan Alfred Ni
Arsalan Alfred Ni
Managing Partner at MOST Ventures / Technical Expert for LDC Investment Platform at United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
Portrait of Pranav Khanna
Pranav Khanna
Director of Strategic Initiatives at LOA Labs
ReFi expert with backgrounds in circular fashion, sustainability, plastic waste management and cryptocurrency
Portrait of Oliver Durrer
Oliver Durrer
Founder of SwissLEAP Inc.
Empowers purpose-driven pioneers to navigate uncertainty, evolve, and innovate with impact
Portrait of Oliver Durrer
Senior Manager at EY
Impact Advisor | Strategy, Measurement, and Governance

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