[SOCIO] Socious StakePool

Socious StakePool

Why Stake via Socious StakePool?

Make a difference

30% of our margin fees are allocated to the matching pool of Socious Giving, our crowdfunding platform. Socious Giving uses the "Extended Quadratic Formula" to distribute funds to social and environmental projects. This formula combines small individual contributions with larger matching sums, while also taking into account the individual's impact score. As a result, contributions from people with high impact scores and greater numbers will be matched more generously than contributions from those with lower impact scores and fewer numbers. Please visit here for more details.

Earn Impact Points and Double Rewards of ADA and THANK Tokens

Staking through [SOCIO] Socious StakePool allows you to earn Impact Points, which provide various benefits. These include earning THANK tokens and having more voting power when deciding how to allocate the matching pool of Socious Giving. You can vote for social and environmental projects of your choice, or your own project. For more information, please visit here.

Quality Infrastructure, Experienced Operator & Multi-language support

Hosted & monitored 24/7 by a veteran operator who has been managing Cardano Stake Pools since 2019. We provide support in Japanese, English, Korean, French, Spanish, and Arabic. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Telegram.

[Pool Name]Socious StakePool


[Margin]3% → 30% will be donated

[Fixed Cost]340ADA