Hear from some of our customers

“Socious is perfect for purpose-driven freelancers like me. I quickly landed a well-paid and impactful remote job at an EdTech startup where I feel valued and inspired. And I received immediate crypto payment thanks to Socious’ escrow smart contracts.”
Blockchain Developer
EdTech Startup
"One of the biggest challenges in building on the Cardano Blockchain is finding great developers. Socious helped us hire an exceptional Haskell/Plutus developer who not only has amazing programming and communication skills, but is also passionate about our mission of making the world a better place."
Yuri Hayashi
L-Earning Bazaar
"I am impressed with Socious because of its founder-market fit, booming industry, skilled team, and strong communication. Their passion, expertise, drive for innovation, and alignment with younger generation values make them a standout investment with great potential."
Ian Huang
Founding Partner
Good People Ventures
"I invested in Socious for its substantial ROI and social impact, as it targets a growing purpose-driven job market. With an exceptional founding team, strong problem-solution fit, innovative tokenomics, and the potential to reshape employment, Socious is a promising investment."
Toshihito Kobayashi
Angel Investor
Hamposaki Inc.
"Mani Kapital invested in Socious because of its exceptional founding team, ability to attract talent, and commitment to progress. Socious' adaptability, resilience, focus on long-term goals, and innovative culture drive success in a competitive market."
Parameshwar Mani
Mani Kapital
"Socious not only helped me secure my dream environmental job, but also boosted my salary and enabled me to make a positive impact."
Masaki M.
Head of Sales
Climate Startup
"Socious streamlined my startup's hiring process, saving time and money while finding skilled, passionate candidates. I hired three exceptional team members and focused on growth. Highly recommended for efficient, cost-effective recruitment."
Sean Park
Co-Founder and CEO
Energy X
"We have been using the Socious app since its launched. Now we use it when we want to see the activities and information of many people who are contributing to society, or when we want to post jobs offer for our own company. It is a rare app where people who want to contribute to society are curated and gathered together in this way, and I find it very useful and precious!"
Yuki Sakashita
BonZuttner Inc.
"Socious is by far my favorite app. ‍Starting a social impact company will be a completely mainstream move soon, so I can't wait for this to be app for social entrepreneurs all around the world."
Alex Pappas
Content Creator
Social Entrepreneurship