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BENEFITS *some features are in development
Socially Conscious Individuals can:
Discover and contribute to impact projects
Meet like-minded people and be part of the social impact community. Find one-off, part-time, and full-time opportunities at social impact organizations tackling various social issues and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our AI recommendations will save you time and hassle.
Get rewards for your impact
When you contribute your time and money to impact projects, our AI tracks your good deeds and reflect them in your impact credit score. You receive SociousCoin, a blockchain-based community currency, as rewards for your social and environmental impact.
Thank acts of kindness with SociousCoin
You can thank people who have positively impacted your life (mentors, teachers etc.) by sending them SociousCoin. The impact credit scores of both you and the recipient will improve.
socious app illustration
socious app illustration
BENEFITS *some features are in development
Impact Organizations can:
Hire the right talent for your organization
Meet like-minded people (one-off, part-time, full-time) to work with and solve social problems faster together. Our AI recommends the most suitable candidates who share your mission, reduces the risk of mismatches, and improves retention rate, employee happiness, and performance.
Sell your socially conscious products on Socious Market
Reach and sell your products to socially conscious consumers through our marketplace for socially conscious products. Get certified as a Socious organization and access talents and customers who are otherwise inaccessible.
Find impact investors, cities, and impact-driven organizations to collaborate with
Meet impact investors who share your passion and raise the capital necessary for social impact. Collaborate with cities, schools, and impact-driven organizations.
socious app illustration