Verifiable Credentials

According to a survey, 55% of respondents admitted to lying on their resumes. Unfortunately, detecting fraudulent resumes is extremely difficult, and hiring a background check agency is expensive.

Revolutionize your work verification process with our blockchain-secured verifiable credentials and skip costly background checks.

Benefits for
Issuing Organizations

Tamper-Proof Credibility

Blockchain-backed certificates immune to forgery.

Self-Verifying Credentials

No need for third-party background checks—our certificates are easily and credibly verifiable on their own.

Save Time and Money

Eliminate the hassle and cost of fielding employment inquiries through automated, secure verification.

Attract Talent

Appeal to exceptional talent by offering a secure and reliable way to showcase their career milestones.

Universal Compatibility

Our certificates adhere to W3C standards, ensuring seamless portability and interoperability across various blockchains and digital wallets.

Quick & Painless

Issuing a verified work certificate has never been easier. It takes just one minute, but its value lasts a lifetime.

Benefits for

Trustworthy Credentials

Elevate your job applications and networking with reliable, blockchain-verified work certificates.

Own Your Record

Take full control and ownership of your professional data.

Quick & Easy

Get your verified certificates in minutes, not hours or days.

Lifetime Access

Never request work certificates from past employers again.

Skip the Background Checks

No need for third-party agencies—your credentials are easily verifiable.

Universal Compatibility

Adheres to W3C standards for easy use across any blockchain or digital wallet.

Unlock Rewards with Impact Points

Accumulate Impact Points through verified work experience to unlock various tiers of exclusive benefits.

Absolutely Free

Experience all these benefits at zero cost to you.

Benefits for
Verifying Organizations

Cut Background Check Costs

Save both time and money by skipping traditional background checks.

Instant Verification

Quickly and easily confirm a candidate's work experience without hassle.

Efficient Scaling

Rely on our blockchain-secured certificates for accurate and trustworthy information.
How it works

How it works

Step 1: Organization Verification

Organizations begin by creating their profile on Socious and proceeding with our streamlined verification process. This crucial step confirms the authenticity and integrity of the organization, setting the foundation for trust within the Socious community.

Step 2: Issue Verifiable Credentials

Once verified, organizations can issue blockchain-secured, globally recognized work certificates. These credentials serve as a robust testament to the skills and experiences of professionals they have worked with, ensuring accuracy and immutability.

Step 3: Credential Verification by Employers

Potential employers can confidently verify the credentials of job candidates. With the ability to check verified badges and request the sharing of verifiable credentials directly, employers are equipped to make informed decisions based on reliable data, thereby simplifying the hiring process.