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“Socious is perfect for purpose-driven freelancers like me. I quickly landed a well-paid and impactful remote job at an EdTech startup where I feel valued and inspired. And I received immediate crypto payment thanks to Socious’ escrow smart contracts.”
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Why purpose-driven talent chooses Socious

Navigating the job market to find mission-aligned opportunities can be daunting.
Socious simplifies your search with cutting-edge technology and a supportive community.

AI-sourced impact roles

Socious's AI aggregates the most meaningful impact roles. Simplify your job hunt with our one-stop platform, your gateway to a world of opportunities centered on making a difference

Meaningful work match

Discover roles that match your skillset, reflect your values, and advance your purpose. Our AI-driven matching and community referrals harmonize your pursuit of meaningful work with financial stability.

Swift path to your next role

With Socious, immediately engage in work that matters. Our integrated AI and community-powered referrals swiftly connect you with opportunities that utilize your expertise and match your passion for making a social impact.

Prompt and secure payment

Socious's escrow smart contracts ensure that your work is rewarded on schedule, providing peace of mind and financial reliability for every project you undertake.

Maximize your earnings

Gain access to impactful work without undue expense. Socious's efficient model prioritizes your value and potential, ensuring that organizations channel their resources into impactful missions and fair compensation, not into expensive hiring procedures.

More than a job search

Socious goes beyond traditional job-matching; we're a comprehensive ecosystem for purpose-driven individuals.

Rewarding referrals

Leverage your network by referring like-minded peers to missions they care about. Benefit from our referral rewards program as you help others find their vocational calling.

Verifiable credentials

Differentiate yourself with blockchain-verified work credentials that confirm your professional achievements and expedite the hiring process.

Transparent impact

Showcase your contributions to social and environmental initiatives confidently on our blockchain platform, where every verified contribution not only enhances your professional standing but also earns you tangible rewards.
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Why Socious Stands Out

Curated impact jobs via AI

Navigate a diverse array of impactful roles sourced from across the web by Socious AI. Our platform is your bridge to a career that not only fits your skills but also fuels your passion for making an impact.

AI matching

Experience rapid, tailored job connections with our AI, which aligns opportunities to your unique skills, values, and cultural fit for a fulfilling career path.

Assured timely compensation

With Socious's escrow smart contracts, gain the assurance of punctual and guaranteed payment for your contributions, solidifying trust and stability in your professional endeavors.

Impactful referrals rewarded

Utilize your professional circle to introduce fellow change-makers to roles that resonate with their passion. Enjoy the perks of our rewards program for every successful referral you make.

Blockchain-backed credentials

Elevate your professional profile with blockchain-verified credentials, providing a clear testament to your skills and streamlining your pathway to new opportunities.

Recognized contributions with incentives

On our blockchain platform, validate and celebrate your dedication to impactful causes, gaining recognition and rewards that reflect your commitment to making a difference.
How it works

Easy steps to get started with Socious

Step 1: Sign up and connect

Create your profile and immediately dive into a pool of curated job opportunities that match your skills and mission-driven focus. Apply with ease to roles at organizations committed to social and environmental impact.

Step 2: Engage with confidence

Once you land your ideal role, our escrow smart contracts ensure timely and secure payment for your work.

Step 3: Expand your impact

Even when not actively job searching, participate in our referral program to earn rewards, and have your impactful work experiences verified and recognized for future career growth.

Opportunities within impact organizations

Frontend development
Backend development
Full-stack development
Blockchain development
Data science
AI Engineer
UX/UI Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Video Editing
Video Production
Photo Editing
Brand Identity & Guidelines
Sound Editing
Print Design
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Influencer Marketing
Content Writing
Project Management
Product Management
HR Management

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers.
“Socious is perfect for purpose-driven freelancers like me. I quickly landed a well-paid and impactful remote job at an EdTech startup where I feel valued and inspired. And I received immediate crypto payment thanks to Socious’ escrow smart contracts.”
Blockchain Developer
EdTech Startup
"Socious not only helped me secure my dream environmental job, but also boosted my salary and enabled me to make a positive impact."
Masaki M.
Head of Sales
Climate Startup
"Socious is by far my favorite app. ‍Starting a social impact company will be a completely mainstream move soon, so I can't wait for this to be app for social entrepreneurs all around the world."
Alex Pappas
Content Creator
Social Entrepreneurship
"I am impressed with Socious because of its founder-market fit, booming industry, skilled team, and strong communication. Their passion, expertise, drive for innovation, and alignment with younger generation values make them a standout investment with great potential."
Ian Huang
Founding Partner
Good People Ventures
"Mani Kapital invested in Socious because of its exceptional founding team, ability to attract talent, and commitment to progress. Socious' adaptability, resilience, focus on long-term goals, and innovative culture drive success in a competitive market."
Parameshwar Mani
Mani Kapital
"I invested in Socious for its substantial ROI and social impact, as it targets a growing purpose-driven job market. With an exceptional founding team, strong problem-solution fit, innovative tokenomics, and the potential to reshape employment, Socious is a promising investment."
Toshihito Kobayashi
Angel Investor
Hamposaki Inc.