30 Blockchain Companies for the Good

Discover 30 innovative blockchain companies driving positive change in sectors including healthcare, education, and environmental conservation.

Blockchain technology has transcended its origins in cryptocurrency to become a powerful tool for social impact. From environmental conservation to healthcare and education, blockchain is driving positive change across diverse sectors. Let's explore 30 organizations harnessing blockchain for good:


Introducing the backbone of the blockchain ecosystem, infrastructure projects pave the way for decentralized solutions. These companies provide the foundational layer upon which other blockchain projects build, driving innovation and scalability across the digital landscape.

  • Celo spearheads the transition to an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2), fostering community engagement and propelling real-world solutions for scaling Ethereum. By establishing a vibrant digital economy accessible to all, Celo empowers users to build together and prosper. Through its emerging L2 protocol, Celo enables decentralized payments, mobile DeFi solutions, and dApp development, catering to over 6.6 billion smartphone users globally. With a global ecosystem comprising over 1,000 projects from 150+ countries, Celo drives purposeful, permissionless innovation aimed at prosperity for all.
  • Cardano, founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods, is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform dedicated to creating positive global change. It pioneers unparalleled security and sustainability in decentralized applications, systems, and societies, redistributing power from unaccountable structures to individuals. With Ouroboros, the first peer-reviewed blockchain protocol, Cardano ensures decentralization and sustainability without compromising security, defining a new future where power is returned to the individual.
  • Stellar is a decentralized blockchain network that empowers builders to unleash human and economic potential worldwide. By combining a robust blockchain infrastructure with a global ecosystem of innovators, Stellar facilitates the creation of borderless opportunities and real-world impact. It offers tools for developing new digital asset products and services that enhance access to the global financial system, making transactions faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient than traditional blockchain systems.


Building on these blockchain infrastructures, explore the blockchain projects working towards environmental conservation, climate change, and many more to save our planet:

  • Regen Network incentivizes ecosystem regeneration through its REGEN token, facilitating the purchase of ecological credits for services like carbon reduction and biodiversity conservation. Its marketplace offers eco-credits, with two million new credits added in 2023, and 588,448 retired. Regen is also developing 40 new methodologies to verify ecosystem service benefits, expanding opportunities for regenerative projects.
  • Single.Earth bridges finance and nature, closing the $700 billion nature financing gap by channeling ESG-driven funds to high-impact landowners. Our platform offers corporate sustainability through tokenized nature value, enabling enterprises to balance their impact. We provide data for streamlined ESG and EUDR compliance, recognized by TechCrunch, FinTech Global, and Forbes
  • Nori operates as a blockchain-backed carbon removal marketplace, dedicated to reversing climate change by extracting billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Utilizing blockchain technology, Nori ensures transparency and accountability in carbon removal transactions, empowering farmers to implement regenerative agriculture projects and sequester CO2 emissions effectively.
  • FlexiDAO leverages blockchain technology to enhance transparency, a crucial element for a successful transition to low-carbon energy. Traditional energy tracing methods often fail to reflect the real-time nature of renewable energy sources, leading to uncertainty about the actual environmental impact. FlexiDAO's blockchain solution matches business consumption with renewable energy output data, ensuring accurate and transparent certification in real time. This innovation has gained traction, with partnerships already established with industry leaders like Microsoft and Vodafone.
  • Powerledger utilizes blockchain to transform energy distribution by enabling direct peer-to-peer trading of excess solar energy among neighbors. This decentralized marketplace empowers individuals to set prices, promoting a more efficient and equitable energy ecosystem. With Powerledger's blockchain solution, distributed generation becomes a reality, offering a sustainable and accessible energy future.


Several cutting-edge organizations are leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize healthcare, offering solutions that enhance transparency, security, and efficiency, ultimately improving patient care and data management.

  • BurstIQ aims to revolutionize healthcare by breaking down data silos and enabling secure, personalized healthcare globally. Since 2015, their blockchain-based platform has connected health data from diverse sources, fostering collaboration among businesses, researchers, and individuals. Led by CEO and Founder Frank Ricotta, BurstIQ is dedicated to leveraging data to drive medical innovation and improve health outcomes worldwide.
  • Guardtime employs blockchain technology to secure and streamline real-world health data management. Our platform enables transparent data transactions, anonymization of personal health data, and seamless integration with major Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. This collaborative approach benefits pharmaceutical companies, patients, insurers, and developers, facilitating research and data monetization while ensuring data integrity and security.
  • Avaneer Health revolutionizes healthcare operations by simplifying processes and enhancing outcomes through direct payer-provider connections. Their Coverage Alignment™ solution ensures real-time insurance coverage data accuracy, reducing delays and costs for payers and providers. Focusing on transparency and efficiency, they empower stakeholders to streamline revenue cycle management, resulting in improved patient experiences and significant administrative savings.
  • ProCredEx revolutionizes professional credentialing and compliance with innovative collaborative networks and blockchain technology. Their solutions streamline data sharing, automate compliance confirmation, and enhance efficiency across organizations. With an average audit timeline of only 17 seconds and a significant decrease in redundant tasks, ProCredEx empowers professionals to serve the community more effectively. Trusted by industry leaders such as Spectrum Health and Hashed Health, ProCredEx is reshaping the credentialing and compliance landscape.
  • Embleema revolutionizes clinical trial solutions for lymphoma research, offering an end-to-end data platform that expedites evidence generation and regulatory reviews. With standardized, de-identified data collection and blockchain-enforced consent, Embleema accelerates participant recruitment, enhances patient satisfaction, and facilitates faster FDA approvals. Testimonials from researchers and industry leaders underscore the platform's efficacy and potential to transform personalized medicine.


In the educational landscape, several forward-thinking organizations are leading the way in harnessing blockchain technology for positive impact. These innovative entities are revolutionizing the educational sector by employing blockchain solutions to enhance transparency, efficiency, and accessibility.

  • BitDegree offers a one-stop platform for learning and earning rewards in the crypto market. With over 21,000 tracked cryptocurrencies, users can access real-time market data, participate in gamified learning experiences, and earn crypto rewards. Custom notifications keep users informed about market trends. Testimonials attest to the platform's effectiveness in educating and engaging crypto enthusiasts.
  • Parchment, now part of Instructure, is the world's largest academic credential management platform, facilitating the exchange of transcripts, diplomas, and credentials. Trusted by over 6,000 institutions globally, it offers secure solutions for K-12, higher education, government, workforce, and international sectors. With biometric verification and data control features, Parchment ensures efficient and secure credential exchange across industries and regions.
  • Sony Global Education emphasizes individuality and diversity in education to create a future where humans and machines coexist harmoniously. With a focus on creative learning, they aim to empower individuals to live fulfilling lives with their unique values. Through innovative products and services, Sony Global Education supports those embracing new challenges. Led by President Naoki Kato, the company prioritizes understanding and addressing the needs of its customers with support throughout their journey of growth and development.
  • ODEM transforms education by connecting students, educators, and employers directly, bypassing intermediaries for affordability, accessibility, and verification. It streamlines learning and hiring processes, benefiting all parties through tailored opportunities, fair compensation, and enhanced transparency.
  • The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) offers a comprehensive membership program connecting over 8,000 students to exclusive crypto events, free conference tickets, tailored mentorship, vibrant networking communities, collaborative project opportunities, and support from seasoned mentors. BEN's platform facilitates growth, education, and innovation in the blockchain realm, endorsed by notable alumni and trusted by thousands of weekly readers seeking crypto news and educational resources.


In the food sector, pioneering organizations leverage blockchain to drive positive change. They're transforming the industry by enhancing transparency, traceability, and sustainability through innovative blockchain solutions. Here are some that you might want to know:

  • The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) utilizes blockchain technology to enhance transparency and efficiency in humanitarian aid distribution, ensuring that donations reach those in need more effectively. Through blockchain, WFP can track the flow of funds and food from donors to recipients, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring accountability. Additionally, WFP provides emergency relief, school meals, and resilience-building programs to combat hunger caused by conflict, climate change, and other factors, supporting vulnerable communities worldwide.
  • TagOne streamlines FSMA 204 compliance with its blockchain-enabled Compliance Link solution. Drawing on extensive experience, TagOne ensures comprehensive coverage, flexible data capture, and seamless data sharing across the supply chain. By integrating blockchain technology, TagOne facilitates regulatory adherence and enhances transparency and traceability, empowering companies to gain a competitive edge while meeting FSMA 204 requirements efficiently.
  • Tyson Foods leverages blockchain technology to enhance traceability and transparency in its supply chain. By utilizing blockchain, they can track products from farm to table, ensuring quality, safety, and sustainability. This technology enables Tyson to maintain comprehensive records of each product’s journey, including information about its origin, handling, and distribution.
  • The Akshaya Patra Foundation employs blockchain technology to ensure transparency and accountability in donations. By tracking contributions securely, they assure donors that their funds are used effectively. Additionally, blockchain helps manage the food supply chain, ensuring quality and safety standards. This technology enables Akshaya Patra to build trust and optimize its mission of combating classroom hunger.
  • TraceX's blockchain-powered platform digitizes the entire food supply chain process, fostering transparency and traceability. With decentralized architecture, data integrity and immutability are guaranteed, promoting accountability and trust. Each member possesses a copy of the distributed ledger, ensuring reliability. TraceX enables collaborative working, enhanced visibility, and scalable efficiency, empowering businesses with intelligent supply chains.

Humanitarian Aid

For delivering humanitarian aid, blockchain ensures transparent and efficient operations, revolutionizing the way aid is distributed and impact is tracked.

  • UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, utilizes blockchain for transparent and traceable operations, ensuring efficient aid distribution and maintaining comprehensive records of refugee movements and funding transactions. This technology underscores UNHCR's commitment to innovative solutions for addressing global refugee challenges.
  • The Water Project harnesses the power of cryptocurrency to revolutionize water access in communities worldwide. With blockchain technology, donations are transparently tracked, ensuring every contribution directly impacts those in need. By supporting projects like building water wells for schools in Kenya, crypto donors empower students with safe, clean water, enabling them to thrive in their education.
  • Start Network, comprising over 90 humanitarian agencies, is integrating blockchain into its strategy for 2024-2026. By using blockchain, Start Network ensures secure, transparent, and immutable data management for crisis response and funding allocation. This technology fosters trust among stakeholders and empowers local communities, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of humanitarian efforts worldwide.
  • CARE is leading the way in using blockchain and cryptocurrencies for women's economic empowerment. Partnering with organizations like Binance Charity and the Celo Foundation, CARE is piloting crypto-voucher programs in Kenya and Ecuador to aid economic recovery and healthcare access. These initiatives target vulnerable groups, especially women and refugees, aiming to enhance financial resilience and improve healthcare outcomes on a larger scale. By embracing emerging technologies, CARE is innovating to address urgent humanitarian challenges and create meaningful social impact.

Supply Chain Management

In supply chain management, blockchain technology drives transparency and accountability from production to distribution.

  • GIZ utilizes blockchain technology to enhance transparency and accountability in its operations. By securely tracking donations and expenditures, they ensure donors' funds are utilized effectively. Additionally, blockchain aids in managing global health initiatives, and improving medical care access, especially in developing nations. This technology helps GIZ optimize its efforts in promoting health equity and self-determination worldwide.

Identity Management

Blockchain transforms identity management by offering secure, decentralized solutions, empowering individuals with greater control over their data, and fostering trust in the digital realm.

  • Hu-manity.co leads the way in digital identity solutions, employing advanced software driven by artificial intelligence to foster transparent and trustworthy data agreements. By enabling institutions to comprehend and compare legal language within data contracts, it privacy, trust, and authenticity in digital transactions. With a mission to advance ethical data practices, their innovative technology empowers organizations worldwide to navigate complex data agreements with confidence, fostering a climate of transparency and accountability in the digital realm.
  • SoluLab leads the way in decentralized identity management by leveraging blockchain technology, offering innovative solutions to address the shortcomings of traditional identity systems. With a focus on security, transparency, and data integrity, SoluLab's platforms empower users with greater control over their personal information while mitigating security risks. Through its blockchain expertise, SoluLab develops robust solutions that foster trust and reliability in the digital realm, ensuring a more secure and decentralized future for businesses and individuals alike.

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