Play Tarochi and Help Preserve the Ancient Art of Aizome Dyeing

Join the Tarochi game campaign to preserve Aizome dyeing! Play, provide feedback, win ADA/NFTs, and support Japanese heritage.

Introduction (日本語はページ下部)

In a fascinating blend of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, the collaboration among Paima Studio, Cardano BCG (Blockchain Game), and Socious bring you a one-of-a-kind opportunity: Play Paima’s exciting blockchain game, Tarochi, and contribute to the preservation of Aizome, the Japanese traditional indigo dyeing technique. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast, interested in social impact, or a crypto aficionado, this initiative has something for everyone.

The Cause: Aizome - A Fading Craftsmanship

Aizome, or traditional Japanese indigo dyeing, is an ancient art that is seeing fewer and fewer craftsmen each year. As modern production methods overshadow this traditional art form, we risk losing an invaluable cultural heritage. This campaign aims to preserve this cultural heritage by promoting Aizome products. The proceeds will be used to train a new generation of traditional craftsmen, ensuring the survival of this art form.

How You Can Help

  • Paima Studio recently released Tarochi and is seeking feedback to improve the product. Individuals who provide valuable feedback will be awarded with NFTs of Japanese Aizome Handkerchiefs.
  • By retweeting and raising awareness of Aizome.In both cases, we can broaden our reach and secure additional funds to train a new generation of traditional craftsmen. This will contribute to the sustainability and growth of the traditional art form.

Campaign Duration

This campaign will run for 1 month from 24th November 2023. Mark your calendars!

What's In It For You? Prizes and Rewards

The campaign offers several enticing prizes, including:

  1. Tarochi Improvement Prize: 1000 ADA (approx. $600) will be awarded to the individual who submits the highest number of improvement suggestions for Tarochi. The second-place winner will receive 300 ADA, and the third-place winner will receive 100 ADA. Additionally, all three winners will receive an NFT of a Japanese Aizome Handkerchief.
  2. Tarochi Achievement Prize: 1000 ADA (approx. $600) will be awarded to the individual who gets the highest number of achievements on Tarochi. The second-place winner will receive 300 ADA, and the third-place winner will receive 100 ADA. Additionally, all three winners will receive an NFT of a Japanese Aizome Handkerchief.
  3. Socious Retweet Prize: The individual with the highest number of engagements (likes and retweets combined) on their retweet will receive 1000 ADA (approx. $600). The second highest will receive 300 ADA, and the third highest will receive 100 ADA. Additionally, all three winners will receive an NFT of a Japanese Aizome Handkerchief.
  4. Participation Rewards & Lottery: Each of the first 100 participants (the first 100 people who complete Step 1 below) will receive 10 ADA. Additionally, five people will be randomly chosen to receive an NFT of a Japanese Aizome handkerchief.

NB: The winners of NFTs have the option to receive an Aizome handkerchief valued at 60-80ADA, or exchange the NFT for 30 ADA ($18).

How to participate and receive participation rewards (<10 mins)

  1. Start playing Tarochi here (Mac and PC supported) and take a screenshot of your first battle (this usually takes 5 mins, example screenshot attached below). When you go out of the house, go eastward (to the right) and you will meet a person. If you talk to him, you can initiate a battle.
  2. Follow Socious’ account on X (@SociousDAO) and quote retweet this post with a hashtag #Tarochi4Aizome. Please also attach the screenshot of the battle (the one you took in Step 1 above). Take a screenshot of your quote retweet (exmaple attached below).
  3. Apply on Socious: Click on the campaign link and submit your application through Socious (this usually takes 2 mins). Attach the screenshot of your retweet (the one you took in Step 2 above) on your application on Socious by clicking on “CV”. Once your screenshot is verified, the participation prize will be paid out via the Socious platform. For more details on how to use Socious please visit this link
Example Screenshot for Step 1

Example Screenshot for Step 2

How to win the prizes

  1. Play and provide feedback: Play Tarochi and submit improvement suggestions on Paima Studio’s Discord.
  2. Submit your results: Before 2023-12-23 23:59 JST, please submit A. the number of improvement suggestions and B. the number of rare monsters you captured (and its screenshot), C. the number of engagement (likes and retweets combined). Result submission link
  3. Announcement: we’ll announce the winners and they will receive ADA and NFTs of Japanese handkerchiefs.

NB: For achievements we have created a single base URL that returns 0/1 based on whether or not the user has completed the achievementYou can find the IDs from the list of achievements here. For example for achievement #1 and for wallet 0xeeac... This should support EVM wallets and Cardano wallets.

Final Thoughts

Participate in this exciting campaign to experience the best of both worlds: cutting-edge technology in blockchain gaming with Tarochi, and the timeless beauty of traditional Japanese craftsmanship in Aizome. Every click, every retweet, and every ADA earned or spent brings us one step closer to preserving a cherished cultural heritage. Join us now and make an impact that spans from the digital realm to the real world.


最先端の技術と伝統的な職人技の魅力的な融合により、Paima Studio、Cardano BCG(ブロックチェーンゲーム)、そしてSociousの協力で、一風変わった機会を提供します。Paimaのエキサイティングなブロックチェーンゲーム「Tarochi」をプレイし、日本の伝統的な藍染め技術「藍染め」の保存に貢献しましょう。ゲーム愛好家であれ、社会的インパクトに関心があれ、暗号通貨の愛好家であれ、このイニシアチブは皆にとって何かを提供します。

原因:藍染め - 消えゆく職人技



Paima Studioは最近Tarochiをリリースし、製品改善のためのフィードバックを求めています。価値あるフィードバックを提供する個人には、日本の藍染めハンカチのNFTが授与されます。藍染めの認識を高めるためにリツイートすることによって。どちらの場合も、私たちはリーチを広げ、伝統的な職人の新世代を訓練するための追加資金を確保することができます。これは、伝統的な芸術形式の持続可能性と成長に貢献します。





  • Tarochi 改善賞:Tarochiに対する改善提案の数が最も多い個人には、1000 ADA(約600ドル相当)が授与されます。2位の受賞者には300 ADA、3位の受賞者には100 ADAが授与されます。さらに、上位3名の受賞者全員には、日本の藍染ハンカチのNFTが贈られます。
  • Tarochi 達成賞:Tarochiでの達成数が最も多い個人には、1000 ADA(約600ドル相当)が授与されます。2位の受賞者には300 ADA、3位の受賞者には100 ADAが授与されます。さらに、上位3名の受賞者全員には、日本の藍染ハンカチのNFTが贈られます。
  • ソーシャス リツイート賞:リツイートのエンゲージメント数(いいねとリツイートの合計)が最も多い個人には、1000ADA(約600ドル)が贈られます。2番目に多い人には300ADA、3番目に多い人には100ADAが贈られます。さらに、上位3名の受賞者全員には、日本の藍染めハンカチのNFTが贈られます。
  • 参加報酬&抽選:最初の100人の参加者(以下のステップ1を完了した最初の100人)それぞれに10ADAが贈られます。さらに、5人がランダムに選ばれ、日本の藍染めハンカチのNFTを受け取ります。



  1. タロチをプレイし、最初の戦いのスクリーンショットを撮ります(通常5分程度かかります)。ゲームへのリンク(MacおよびPC対応)。
  2. SociousのXアカウント(@SociousDAO)をフォローし、上記ステップ1のスクリーンショットを添えてこの投稿を引用リツイートしてください。ハッシュタグ #Tarochi4Aizome を含めてください。リツイートのスクリーンショットを撮ります。
  3. Sociousで応募する:キャンペーンリンクをクリックし、Sociousを通じて応募を行います(通常2分程度かかります)。Sociousでの応募にリツイートのスクリーンショットを添付します。「CV」をクリックし、スクリーンショットを添付します。スクリーンショットが確認され次第、参加賞はSociousプラットフォームを通じて支払われます。Sociousの使い方についての詳細は、このリンクをご覧ください。


  1. プレイしてフィードバックを提供する:タロチをプレイし、Paima StudioのDiscordで改善提案を送信します。
  2. 結果を提出する:2023-12-23 23:59 JSTまでに、A. 改善提案の数、B. 捕獲したレアモンスターの数(およびそのスクリーンショット)、C. エンゲージメントの数(いいねとリツイートの合計)を提出してください。結果提出リンク
  3. 発表:当選者を発表し、ADAと藍染めハンカチのNFTが贈られます。
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