Tarochi for Aizome Retweet Campaign Round 2

Join Round 2 of Tarochi for Aizome Retweet Campaign! Support Aizome's heritage with a retweet. Win ADA prizes & NFTs. Act now! #Tarochi4Aizome2

In 2023, the collaborative efforts of Paima Studio, Cardano BCG, and Socious bore fruit with a successful campaign for Tarochi, supporting the art of Aizome. Now, we're thrilled to announce Round 2! Let's band together once more to preserve this treasured traditional Japanese indigo dyeing technique.

The Cause: Aizome - A Fading Craft

Aizome, the ancient Japanese art of indigo dyeing, is facing a critical juncture. Modern methods are casting a shadow over this profound cultural heritage. Join us in our mission to train new craftsmen and ensure the continuation of this cherished tradition!

How You Can Help

A simple retweet and spreading the word can work wonders! Your support plays a crucial role in funding the training of new Aizome craftsmen, thereby sustaining this beautiful art form. Remember, every retweet counts!

Campaign Duration

Mark your calendars! This 1-week campaign kicks off on February 16. Get ready to show your support and be a part of making a tangible difference!

What's In It For You? Prizes and Rewards

The campaign offers several enticing prizes, including:

  • First Place Prize: 1000 ADA (approx. $600) will be awarded to the individual who submits the highest number of Retweets.
  • Second Place Prize: The second-place winner will receive 300 ADA,
  • Third Place Prize: The third-place winner will receive 100 ADA.
  • Participation Rewards & Lottery: Additionally, the first 20 participants will each receive 30 ADA and stand a chance to win NFT Aizome Handkerchiefs in our lucky draw! #SociousRewards

Note: The winners of NFTs have the option to receive an Aizome handkerchief valued at 60-80ADA, or exchange the NFT for 30 ADA ($18).

How to Participate

  1. Play Tarochi here and capture a screenshot of the Daily Login Reward.

2. Follow Socious, retweet this thread with your screenshot, and include #Tarochi4Aizome2.

3. Send your retweet count & ADA address to [email protected] by 2024-02-23 23:59 JST.

Winner Announcement

Stay tuned! Following the campaign, we'll unveil the lucky winners who'll receive ADA and unique Aizome NFTs. Together, let's make a significant impact on preserving the art of Aizome. Are you in for the cause? #Tarochi4Aizome2

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