Backing the Game-Changers: Why Socious Stands Out

Socious' exceptional team, talent magnet status, and innovation-driven culture attracted investment from Mani Kapital.
Parameshwar Mani
CEO at Mani & Co. / Managing Partner at ManiKapital

Mani Kapital invested in Socious because of its exceptional founding team, ability to attract top talent, and strong commitment to progress. The team's adaptability, resilience, and focus on long-term goals, coupled with its innovative and collaborative culture, position it for success in a competitive market. From my first conversation with Seira , Socious progressed on each goal or target as promised. When they pivoted, it was backed with experience, insight, and research.

The founding team possess a unique blend of passion, commitment, and relevant experience, with complementary skill sets that enable them to drive the company forward. Socious has not only been able to identify the best minds in the field, but they have also succeeded in fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and collaboration. It is evident that the team works well together, demonstrating adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges. This ability to persevere through adversity and attract talent are crucial ingredients for any startup aiming to make a real impact in the world.

Socious has shown remarkable commitment to progress. During the early stages of our partnership, the progress signaled in every call was a testament to the team's dedication and hard work. They consistently met and surpassed their milestones, such as user growth and revenue objectives, showcasing their ability to remain focused and resilient under pressure.

The decision to invest in Socious was not made lightly. The exceptional founding team, ability to attract top talent, and unwavering commitment to achieving milestones convinced me that this startup has a bright and promising future. They have a compelling vision and the ability to execute it effectively. I am proud to be a part of their journey and excited to witness the impact they will have.

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