Why I Invested in the Future of Purpose-Driven Work

In this story, Toshihito Kobayashi, an angel investor, shares why he decided to invest in Socious.
Toshihito Kobayashi
Angel Investor, Founder of Hamposaki Inc.

As an investor, I continually seek opportunities that yield substantial returns on investment while positively impacting society. This is why I chose to invest in Socious, a trailblazing company set to revolutionize the way we perceive and navigate the job market.

Socious targets a burgeoning market poised for remarkable growth in the coming decades, driven by younger generations pursuing purpose-driven careers. This market has always piqued my interest and passion. As an ardent advocate for enhancing labor market fluidity to optimize human capital and improve society, I have studied the job markets in countries like Japan, which grapple with limited fluidity. Socious strives to make companies' social and environmental impact transparent and easily traceable. I firmly believe that promoting such transparency can significantly elevate labor market fluidity, benefiting both job seekers and employers.

In an era where individuals explore gig economy opportunities, freelancing, and contract work before committing to permanent positions, and increasingly seek mission-driven careers, Socious's foray into this market is both timely and fitting. Socious showcases a strong problem-solution fit with their platform, effectively connecting purpose-driven job seekers with impact organizations while emphasizing transparency and social/environmental impact. By addressing the evolving preferences of today's workforce and providing an inventive solution to a long-standing issue, Socious holds the potential to transform the way we approach employment.

Another compelling reason for my investment in Socious is their exceptional founding team. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering drive to execute their vision are genuinely inspiring. It is rare to find a team with such a deep understanding of the problem they are addressing, coupled with the technical and business acumen required to turn their ideas into reality. I am consistently impressed by Socious's remarkable progress. They consistently achieve and surpass their growth goals and revenue milestones, demonstrating visible improvement every week.

Socious's tokenomics and incentive mechanisms have also left a lasting impression on me, exhibiting a well-conceived and strategic approach to fostering user engagement and long-term value. Their tokenomics excel in supply control, utility, and incentives. Value is preserved through transparent distribution and a capped supply, while the token's diverse use cases drive demand. Together with robust security measures and a solid team, Socious presents a promising investment opportunity in a rapidly expanding market.

My investment in Socious is fueled by my confidence in their vision, the founding team's excellence, and the company's potential to reshape the employment landscape. I am convinced that Socious will not only generate a significant return on my investment but also lay the groundwork for a more transparent, socially responsible, and dynamic job market.

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