How to Become a Social Entrepreneur - Online Panel Discussion

Are you an aspiring social entrepreneur? You’re invited!

Please join us in “How to Become a Social Entrepreneur”, a FREE online panel discussion that will get you an insider’s view of the life of a social entrepreneur.

The path to becoming a social entrepreneur is rarely a straight and predictable line. It’s important to have a community of like-minded people and supporters who share your goals.

The panel will tackle topics like:

🌏 Building a product for social impact: ideas and challenges

🌏 How to attract talent when there aren’t high salaries and options

🌏 Preparing for a career in social entrepreneurship and much more

Seira Yun, the founder and CEO of Socious will share his journey to creating change and the lessons he has learned along the way. He’ll be joined by fellow social entrepreneurs Stuart Pinchen, Founder and CEO of AVC Calendar and Helene Queguiner, the Cofounder of Ekolokal.

The event is in partnership with Le Wagon Tokyo where the Tech4Good Changemaker Scholarship will also be introduced. Application for the scholarship is now open for individuals who’d like to learn data science and website development and use it to create social impact.

👉 Grab this chance to attend so that you can join the Ask-Me-Anything portion discussing details on the Tech4Good Scholarship Program.

See you on Feb. 16 at 6:15PM JST!

Register here!

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