Empowering Digital Identity: Introducing Socious' New Identity Wallet and Beta Testing Opportunity

Socious introduces a new identity wallet using Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and invites users to join its beta testing program.

We are excited to announce a significant step in digital identity management—the introduction of the Socious Wallet. This new identity wallet from Socious utilizes Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). This unique tool aims to simplify the management of your digital identity and transform the way professional and educational credentials are issues.

What’s New?

Socious Wallet allows individuals and organizations to store and share their credentials effortlessly and securely. Whether it’s for job applications, academic admissions, or other credential verification needs, our wallet simplifies the process, making it faster and more reliable than ever.

Why It Matters?

Unlike other digital credentials, verifiable credentials cannot be forged. Therefore, you can trust these credentials without conducting background checks.

Join Our Beta Testing Program

As we roll out this new feature, we need your help to make it even better. We're seeking beta testers and participants will get early access and help shape the future of digital identity. Testers will receive 20 ADA for individuals and 40 ADA for organizations. Some participants may be selected for interviews, for which they will receive an additional 80 ADA for individuals and 160 ADA for organizations. Your feedback will help us enhance our system.

How to Participate?

Signing up is easy! Visit our Beta Testing Sign-Up Page to learn more and register. We’re offering rewards for your participation and insights—because at Socious, every voice matters.


デジタルアイデンティティ管理における重要な一歩をお知らせします。それはSocious Walletの導入です。この新しいアイデンティティウォレットは、自己主権型アイデンティティ(SSI)を活用しています。このツールは、デジタルアイデンティティの管理を簡素化し、就労証明書と学術証明書の発行の方法を変えることを目指しています。


Socious Walletでは、個人や組織が自分の資格を簡単かつ安全に保存し、共有することができます。求人応募、入学志願書、その他の資格検証の必要性に関して、ソーシャスウォレットはプロセスを簡素化し、これまで以上に迅速かつ信頼性の高いものにします。







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